lundi 20 octobre 2014

# 65

Some totebags for my ex-employer.

5 totes / 25 prints of each.

Let's take a look !

Other totes are on the way ... 2014 it's a incredible "totes year" for me :op

See ya'

lundi 29 septembre 2014

# 64

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, NO NEWS since June 2014 :-/

OK, don't worry, there is no real news about my DIY workshop ... I'm always printing some "punx stuff", trying to make some "artworks" for friends (or for myself and my "non-real" projects) ... and that's it.

Don't forget my Facebook page is more active than this one, so check it here :
I've sometimes tee-shirts or totebags ON SALE, try to grab one if you want !!

Some pics of my recent prints (tee shirts, diy 12" sleeves, tour posters, totebags).

See ya in 6 months ^_^

mardi 3 juin 2014

# 63

New posters : first picture is for RORCAL + IMPURE WILHELMINA + HYPNOS / second is for YOUNG TEAM FESTIVAL in Metz (w/ AMEN RA, OATHBREAKER, HESSIAN ...)